Cleveland-born poet, writer, and activist Keith LaMar is hard at work writing and performing new material for his first album, titled Freedom First...from his cell at the Ohio State Penitentiary, where he has spent over 28 years in solitary confinement on death row for a crime he didn’t commit.​

Freedom First began in 2020 as a concert series with dozens of musicians on the streets of New York, playing the jazz standards that helped LaMar survive these long decades in solitary, including him speaking live by telephone between songs.


Freedom First is also the title of LaMar’s upcoming album conceived of and produced by Brooklyn-based, Catalan pianist Albert Marques, a collaboration between an international group of jazz musicians playing both new compositions and standards, and LaMar, who recites poetry via phone and video from the Ohio State Penitentiary. 


LaMar was sentenced to death in the aftermath of the 11-day 1993 Lucasville Prison Uprising, when the State of Ohio found themselves under public pressure to clean up the multi-million dollar mess. The State Highway Patrol had contaminated all the evidence by trampling through the crime scene, and thus prosecutors developed a strategy to reward jailhouse informants to implicate LaMar for the deaths of fellow inmates. To secure his conviction, they withheld the statements that would have proven his innocence, including confessions from the actual perpetrators. LaMar's trial took place in a remote Ohio community with an all-white jury, who swiftly sentenced him to death. More info on his case can be found at


It was jazz that kept LaMar from losing his mind in prison. “John Coltrane saved my life,” LaMar said. “Had it not been for A LOVE SUPREME I'm sure I would have lost myself. I listened to it every day, and it rewired something in me, changed the circuitry of my brain and opened me up in a way that allowed me to view things (most especially myself) through a broader lens. I needed that, to free my mind, in order to keep living and breathing.” And it is jazz that has connected LaMar to an ever-growing group of supporters who through music advocate passionately for him to be granted a new trial so that he can prove his innocence.


The first two Freedom First videos, “On Living” and “Afro Blue,” were recorded in Girona, Spain and released in February 2021 on social media, where they have been covered widely by press in Spain and France (see links below). 


 “Tell ’Em the Truth” (A. Marques/K. LaMar) and  “Unintentional Vignettes” (A. O’Farrill/K.LaMar) are likely the first music videos in history where one of the artists performed live from death row.


Freedom First will be released in 2022. Keith LaMar is scheduled to be executed by the State of Ohio in November of 2023. His supporters have launched a campaign, Justice for Keith LaMar, to continue to fight for the truth to prevail and his ultimate release from prison.



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